Lemon Thyme


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These leaves can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice or lemon zest or lemon flavouring. Whilst it can be used in any recipes where thyme is included, it flavours chicken, fish and vegetable dishes beautifully. We also use it in stuffing, soups and sprinkled over baked vegetables or it you could stir it through through cooked mushrooms.

Like many herbs, thymes antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties make it useful as a herbal tea to help relieve colds (throat and chest), bronchitis, coughs, asthma, laryngitis and tonsillitis. The standard way to make an infusion is to pour a cup of boiling water over the material to be infused, leave it for 5 minutes, strain it, and drink it. You can use the fresh plant or dried thyme.

Available in bunches.